About Sunbird

When our founder first started Raritan, KVM was actually a KV switch (no mouse) and DOS, Novell Netware, and 3COM NICS were the hot technologies. We’ve learned a lot since those days and now solving bigger challenges with DCIM software. Now the Chairman of Sunbird Software, Inc., Dr. Ching-i Hsu imparts his entrepreneurial spirit and customer focus to a new mission, to radically simplify data center management with elegant software.


We strive to eliminate the complexity they have been forced to accept from point tools and home grown applications, removing the dependency on emails and spreadsheets to transform the delivery of data center services. Sunbird delivers on this commitment with unexpected simplicity through products that are easy to find, buy, deploy, use, and maintain.


Our solutions are rooted in our deep connections with our customers who share best practices and participate in our user groups and product development process.

So, why Sunbird?

Our technologies are used all across the world

Since 2007, Sunbird products are being used globally by 1,650+ customers across hundreds of thousands of racks, managing millions of assets, and monitoring billions of data points each and every day. From colo to owner operated, medium to large, private to public and non-profit, you can find Sunbird solutions helping customers improve availability, efficiency, and better utilize their data center assets.

Our team works hard with your success in mind

We do more than create solutions tailored to each customer. We build lasting relationships by understanding customers' needs, delivering the right solutions, and providing the industry's best support before, during, and after each sale. Our employees strive to delight customers. We’re humbled by our customer’s willingness to become references and promoters.

We listen and understand customer problems

Sunbird is the product of a commitment to create superior products that resolve real business needs. As an early player in the DCIM market, we've grown into an international industry leader because we listen. Through user groups and deep customer interactions, Sunbird delivers software that just works. We pride ourselves on creating the highest quality products with unwavering support to the people who use them.

Sunbird Software is changing the way data centers are being managed

With a focus on real user scenarios for real customer problems, we help data center operators manage tasks and processes faster and more efficiently than ever before, while saving costs and improving availability.