Digital Realty Expands AI Data Center Operations in Asia-Pacific

Digital Realty first piloted its Apollo AI platform in 2019 in Europe, having built it to leverage facility-level data to support data-driven decision-making

Digital Realty is extending its AI-driven data center operations into the Asia-Pacific area using its Apollo platform, with the goal of enhancing its clients’ digital functionalities. As a prominent provider of cloud and carrier-neutral data center solutions globally, the company views this expansion as a critical strategy to improve energy efficiency across its operations globally.

Recently, Digital Realty teamed up with Mitsubishi to initiate a joint venture aimed at establishing two new data centers in Dallas, Texas. This partnership leverages the combined expertise of the two companies to drive growth in AI capabilities and data center services.

Launched initially in Europe in 2019, the Apollo AI platform utilizes data at the facility level to facilitate informed decision-making, enabling businesses to boost their energy efficiency. Currently operational across 16 locations in six European countries, Digital Realty aims to expand Apollo’s presence to double its size by the end of 2024. The introduction of the platform in Melbourne, Australia, and Singapore is the first of its kind in the Asia-Pacific, demonstrating Digital Realty’s commitment to leveraging technology for sustainable growth and operational excellence.

Chris Sharp, the Chief Technology Officer at Digital Realty, is excited about introducing the Apollo AI platform to the Asia-Pacific market. He emphasized that the platform is crucial in helping the company achieve its emission reduction targets and in supporting clients’ demands for sustainable growth and scalability.

The effectiveness of the Apollo AI platform is notable, with a recorded 18-gigawatt-hours of energy savings—equivalent to the annual energy consumption of approximately 1,600 American households. Apollo AI contributes to operational efficiency by automatically identifying issues and recommending adjustments, which helps free up Digital Realty’s site managers and engineers for more critical tasks.

The adoption of AI in data centers is on the rise, as evidenced by a recent survey in which 57% of data center owners expressed confidence in AI to make operational decisions—a significant increase from the previous year. The Apollo program also incorporates a machine-learning dashboard that evolves based on its findings, which are then audited and applied to new facilities, enabling every new site to add value to the overall portfolio.

By focusing on continuous improvement and energy efficiency, Digital Realty remains a leader in the data center industry, adding value for its customers and advancing towards a more sustainable future.

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