Mitsubishi Enters US Market, Broadening Data Center Reach

Mitsubishi Corporation has acquired two fully leased data center developments in Texas, marking its inaugural venture into the international data center market. This move is part of Mitsubishi’s broader strategy to globalize its data center operations, building on its robust presence in Japan and successful real estate and urban development projects in the U.S. The company projects a total investment of approximately $800 million upon completion of all projects.

A longstanding leader in Japan’s data center sector, Mitsubishi has recently joined forces with Honda to promote the decarbonization of data centers using FCEV fuel cells and hydrogen technology.

In 2017, Mitsubishi deepened its commitment to this sector by forming MC Digital Realty, a joint venture with Digital Realty. This partnership aims to merge the expertise of both firms to enhance opportunities in artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced data center services capable of adapting to new technological developments.

Mitsubishi also operates data centers in Vietnam, expanding its global footprint. Video below –

The company’s entry into the U.S. data center market, the largest in the world, comes at a time when the sector is experiencing significant growth due to the surge in AI and cloud technologies, with some areas reporting a 25% year-over-year increase in data center demand. This rapid expansion has pressured infrastructure, with increasing needs for power and modernization to handle the higher loads.

Mitsubishi’s new data centers in Dallas, Texas—a state at the forefront of the U.S.’s economic expansion—reflect its strategy to tap into and bolster its data center business nationwide. The company plans to focus on emerging technologies like generative AI, semiconductors, and communications, while continuing to explore sustainable energy solutions.

At Data Centre World 2024, Mitsubishi introduced innovative solutions to data center challenges, such as new methods for utilizing waste heat, underscoring its commitment to advancing global digital infrastructure and supporting societal and digital progress.

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