LiquidStack reveal industry-leading liquid cooling solution for data centres

“LiquidStack is unwavering in its ambition to support the future of AI and other high compute processing”

Global liquid cooling leader LiquidStack unveils a new single-phase liquid cooling solution for data centres, in the midst of a sustainable sector shift

LiquidStack, a global leader in liquid cooling for data centres, has announced its new single-phase liquid cooling solution. The announcement marks the first step in the company’s planned expansion of its DataTank product portfolio to offer a range of advanced liquid cooling solutions.

The new single-phase immersion cooling offering aims to deliver high-performance, cost-effective and reliable liquid cooling solutions to solve the most challenging thermal management needs of IT infrastructure in centralised and edge data centres around the world.

This comes in the midst of an industry shift towards making data centres more sustainable, as liquid cooling leaders seek to expand their portfolios to accelerate the adoption of liquid cooling.

New data centre developments designed to be sustainable

LiquidStack is a respected leader in liquid immersion cooling for information technology (IT) hardware, telecommunications and blockchain systems. Its advanced liquid cooling solutions continue to serve highly scalable and environmentally safe hyperscale, colocation, enterprise, edge and blockchain data centres. Its services also work to enable real-time advancement of computing and communications while supporting a sustainable planet.

“Our new single-phase liquid cooling solution marks a significant step in fulfilling LiquidStack’s mission,” the company says in its press release. “We are proud to continue the expansion of our DataTank product portfolio, which includes the world’s most advanced liquid cooled data centre solutions.”

The company continues: “At LiquidStack, we are committed to innovation. It’s how our company began and it defines who we are today and will continue to be. We devote 50% of our expenses to R&D and building our ‘technology stack.’ And that’s why our single-phase liquid cooling solution is just one of many exciting developments to come.”

Liquid cooling: Sustainable efficiency 

The liquid cooling solution seeks to provide data centres with a powerful and economical option to shift from air cooling to energy-efficient and sustainable immersion cooling. Plenty of data centre developers are now looking to self-regulate and improve their energy efficiency standards and requirements. Given such a huge demand for data and a limited amount of power, managing data centres responsibly is crucial.

“LiquidStack is unwavering in its ambition to support the future of AI and other high compute processing,” said Joe Capes, CEO, LiquidStack. “Since LiquidStack’s launch, our mission has always been to become a full service provider of the most advanced liquid cooling solutions in the market, and our new single-phase offering is a key step toward completing our liquid cooling technology stack.”

LiquidStack’s single-phase liquid cooling technology aims to deliver industry-leading efficiency, with its advanced flow technology and flow dynamics significantly improving heat transfer, resulting in a higher performance of >110kW with W32 water. 

The LiquidStack solution claims to offer superior efficiency compared to other leading single-phase liquid immersion products. It uses non-hazardous dielectric fluids, as well as server scalability that would enable data centres to easily retrofit existing white space and adopt liquid cooling.

Additionally, it is designed to be flexible for most IT systems and integrates multiple IT form factors and for easy installation and deployment. The solution also fits with LiquidStack modular data centre solutions as well as Trane chillers and services.

The solution will be available for pre-order from 1st December 2023 for Q3 2024 delivery.

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