VisionXS: G&D’s new high-end product series is now available

Sometimes less is more: the new high-end extender product series Vision XS produced by German KVM manufacturer Guntermann & Drunck GmbH (G&D) comes with a small housing and big performance. Following the motto “smaller, more compact, more powerful”, G&D developed a new compact multi-purpose KVM tool. The high-performance KVM-over-IP extender is now available with high performant video transmission for resolutions up to 4K60.

Grey VsionXS KVM extender units
G&D’s KVM extender VisionXS is now available

Compared to its previous models, the VisionXS uses standard networks at up to 10Gbit/s, opening up a new dimension of possibilities: Especially fast videos and frequently changing image content now require significantly less compression, thus improving the user experience many times over.

Versatile signals for the best video experience

In a first step, a high-end IP system for DisplayPort UHR will be launched, followed by devices for HDMI and DVI-I. For the VisionXS series, the manufacturer also relies on its proven, lossless compression bluedec™, which enables authentic, pixel-perfect video experiences.


The size of the modules is an important difference that stands out at first glance. The console modules of the VisionXS series are now significantly smaller and thus require less space. With their smaller size, the products can also be used in applications where space is a critical factor.

Integrated switch functionality

One of the highlights of the new VisionXS is the integrated “IP-MUX” feature. With this function, one console manages several target IP addresses of up to 20 computer sources without the need for additional hardware. For simple applications, the on-screen display can be used to switch to the different sources. The advantages: low effort, fewer devices, smart application. Since the switching process is not seamless in the IP-MUX application due to security measures such as VPN setup and encryption structure, customers whose applications have higher requirements, can use the KVM-over-IP matrix system “ControlCenter-IP” to enable instant switching.

Safety feature: Redundant transmission

As an additional safety feature, each device is equipped with two transmission ports. This enables fast switching to the fallback transmission line. No additional hardware is required to use the transmission redundancy, because the second port can be enabled via software key – even at a later date. If the product is connected to the KVM network via both transmission ports, switching quickly between both transmission interfaces is possible thanks to link aggregation.

Universal compatibility enables a high degree of flexibility

An important advantage of VisionXS extenders is the ability to combine them with G&D’s matrix systems. For customers, this means even more flexibility, because VisionXS products can either be operated in pairs as an extender line or they can also be integrated into matrix installations. Thus, users will also have one hardware for everything in the future. Like any other G&D product, the new devices are fully compatible with existing models. The extensive combinability of the KVM systems ensures solutions that are suitable for all applications. This makes it even easier to plan and expand installations, even at a later date.

With these powerful expansions to the portfolio, G&D caters to the growing complexity of KVM applications by providing a smaller solution with a large selection of powerful features. Thanks to versatile KVM products that can be combined, the best possible solutions, which considers the application, the existing IT structures and the requirements of the projects is always right on hand.